COOPERATION: The stone barricade between the sides represent the wall that builds in a bad divorce. The deep red of romance transforms into a passion of anger, the couple won't cooperate.
TRUST: Holes in the heart representing broken truth and honesty. Each hole is like a loss of honesty created in the fabric of a relationship. What once was trusted and reliable now is broken and no longer can be relied on.
COMMUNICATION: the broken, dirty mirrors between the sides
represent the failed communication between the two.
What you say comes back to you distorted. Neither listens and they yell or go alone into a room.
RECOVERY: Hope for a new life is universal, yet the scar remains.
Although reminiscent of Jim Dines Hearts these are BROKEN HEARTS and this series concentrates on the root causes of divorce in America today. Divorce is common place today, so much so it frequently is taken lightly. The reality is far more tragic when children are involved, divorce is then the death of a family. Each painting focuses on a major problem area in a failed marriage.