Mike Vye

"Mixed Media Maven"

St. Paul Pioneer Press

For over 25 years Mike Vye has brought the traditions of the past and the experiments of contemporary art together.

Mr. Vye went to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design where he studied under Barry LeVa and Siah Armajani, leaders in the conceptual avante garde during the 1970's. After leaving MCAD Vye rejected conceptual art for a more visceral and tactile aesthetic at the same time appealing to a broader audience, while retaining the intellectual, avante garde foundation he learned from LeVa and Armajani.

Over the last century art and design have separated, Vye helps bring them back together to forge a new foundation for the 21st century. The Homage to Kitsch Series has an excellent essay on the Avante Garde and Kitsch by Clement Greenberg the dominant art critic of the 20th century. The Editorial Series has a provocative analysis of 20th Century Art by Henry Kahnweiler, Picasso's dealer.

Provincialism is a unique essay by Vye about the role of the arts and the media during the cold war.


Mike Vye's Art Gallery

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York with his entourage at the Vye Studio in St. Paul in 2008. This visit was quickly organized by Kelly Lundquist of Artspace to demonstrate what Artspace has done and could do in Harlem for a proposed artist's live-work project there.

Mike Vye wasn't expecting guests and didn't have time to clean up. Bloomberg liked Vye's Birth of Athena an 8ft x 15ft oil on canvas with flashing lights behind it.

Just another day.

Broken Cooperation Detail from the DIVORCE in America

Link to letter from Frank Hodsoll to Mike Vye when Hodsoll was Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts

Frank Hodsoll

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